And what happened with the cheese?

I just realized I forgot to tell the end of the story of the cheese that I mentioned quite a while ago. So… It’s actually done! How did it turn out, you might ask… Well here is a picture:

It feels a little bit like cheddar. It’s a little crumblier than usual, and maybe a little on the sharp side. But nobody has fallen sick from eating it and I was happy. I’m not sure how long until I’ll try it again, though. Probably I’ll go for something different for some time, like brie, or a blue cheese. Then I might try another hard cheese. In any case, it’s always very hard to make something that you’ll only know if you were able to get it right many months from the day you did the work. At least hard cheese not like wine that you work for many days and then wait. You just have a few hours of work and then a few hours of cheese pressing and that’s it. Blue cheeses require a little more constant attention.

But if I really want something that is quite risky to do at home, and requires a lot of attention, I should try to cure some meats… 🙂

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