Ashamed to be surprised

This evening I’ve been trying to do something productive while I wait for some work to “finish its thing” (which won’t finish before I’ll decide to go to sleep), and came across The United Nation’s World Digital Library. It’s pretty small right now, with only about 1200 documents from around the world. But that didn’t prevent me from finding a map that puzzled me:

Brazil ca. 1875

I’m not sure how accurate it was supposed to be, but I found many things that I don’t remember from my Brazilian history classes. There is a very good chance that it’s just because I’m not very good at remembering things, but it could be that we just weren’t taught this. I remember all the revolutions and all the slavery changes that happened at about that time, but I just don’t remember having discussions about how states (or whatever form of local sectioning that was going on back then) were divided and which states existed.

I should do some more research online to try to find where this hole in my education memory is coming from.

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