Nothing like TV to change your mood

After a very non-productive day (well, that’s probably a little too extreme – it was as productive as a 4-hour planning meeting can be), it’s interesting how watching some TV can make it all seem trivial. It’s our brain being transported to the world of fiction and leaving behind this confusing but mundane existence.

And it all gets better when it’s the puzzling end of the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I won’t add any spoilers here, even thought I know that most people won’t watch it. It’s not that it’s a good series, but it seems like at the end of the second season they found something that has some potential of being more than just “let’s run from the machines and be lucky”. I don’t know if they will be able to follow-through with it, but I’m actually happy that they are trying.

This is the news for today. It’s the weekend now and I have to start planning on what will be the list of things I will mark as “oh, well… another weekend without doing them”. Call me the optimist.

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