Chag Sameach

Lots of food, more than normal amount of wine… It should be Passover… Chag Sameach to everybody that actually understands what it’s about.

This year, after a lot of confusion, the first seder ended up being in my place with my girlfriend’s parents. Small group, lots of reading… It was good and much less confusing than usual. Also the food was pretty good. I’ve decided to try doing the classics that I’ve never done before: matzo ball soup and Haroset. But of course I can’t really just do simple things, so the matzo ball soup was from scratch including the chicken stock (I started all the prep work last night and was cooking it all morning long, starting at 6:15 AM to about 1 PM); and I’ve tried to Haroset recipes, a simple one mostly with dates (I’ve added some nuts to the recipe to make it closer to the consistency I’m used to), and another one with a good amount of spices (also making a few substitutions because Amy doesn’t like hazelnuts). It was all good, except for the fact that the soup needed a little bit more salt.

And I also had to work today, which was fun. I’ve learned the importance of organization and knowing exactly what I had to do, or else I wasn’t able to context change very efficiently. But it all worked well. I was able to get about 70% of the things I wanted to do done, which is about average for a normal day. Oh, well… There is always tomorrow.

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