And that’s the end of Battlestar Galactica

(don’t worry, no spoilers here)

So I just came out of the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. I’m glad it’s over. It wasn’t a bad last episode, but it was a little long. Two hours of scenes that just didn’t seem to finish. It’s like the director knew that it was the end of it (or sort of – more on this later) and could make us bored. The series was good. Lots of people try to compare it to Babylon 5 as for the depth of the plot, but I think BSG was a little more linear, more focused on developing the characters than the story of old races just wanting to destroy the universe, while other old races don’t want it to happen, but don’t want to do much either.

In the end they both center around the human race and the evolution of it. That we have cycles, but we get better over time. And of course both of them have spaceships and space battles (although certainly BSG battles were much more intricate). It’s actually interesting to watch again “old” series and see how much more effort has been put into realism and even acting.

What makes me sad is that it’s not really over. They employ this “leftover energy” to just bank on it. Next month there is a new series starting, Caprica, from the same producers of BSG. It happens chronologically before BSG, which allows them with some opportunity to bring back the characters for a special appearance here and there.

But if this was not enough, they are also advertising for a new movie, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, which is supposed to show the events of BSG in the eyes of the cylons. Give me a break… Just let it go and move onto new ideas! Don’t do like Crusade, the spin-off from Babylon 5 that had some interesting ideas, but just didn’t get anywhere and died after 13 episodes. Check the wikipedia page that I’ve linked above to see some information about the mess that happens in the series, including episode orders and chronological orders…

Alright, now that I was person number 1 million to post about the last episode of BSG, I can go and rest. Weekend ahead!

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