A Sunday

Today is Sunday. And I’m having a semi-lazy day. Baking bread (that I’m not sure is going to work very well, as it didn’t grow that much overnight), watching Tim Berners-Lee’s TED talk on Linked Data, and planning on giving EVE Online – Apocrypha a try. I tried EVE Online for some time last year and it was kind of fun. Last week they released their new major expansion that handled some of the things I was annoyed about, like having one skill being learned and when it’s done you had to realize it and be online to add a new one to learn. Now there is a queue that apparently lasts for about 24 hours (you can set a list of skills to learn as long as they last one starts in less than 24 hours).

Other things I hope to do today: add one more feature to my “text brain” (if you don’t know what it is, don’t worry – neither do I, I just created the name), and play around some more with entity extractors (hopefully starting to use some of the APIs to see how they do). I hope the rain stops for a little (and it doesn’t start snowing again) so that I can check the level of my oil tank (for the heater). I need more data points to have an idea how much oil I use for heating the house.

Anyway, long day ahead! Hopefully…

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