Going back in time and realizing that some things were left behind

For some reason yesterday I decided to listen to some music and realized that I never actually transformed some of my CDs into MP3s, so there I went ripping all CDs that I found that I hadn’t ripped before. And among those CDs I found a CD I’ve received from a cousin with a (not too official) recording from 2001’s R.E.M. concert at Rock In Rio.

Of course as I’ve entered the CD, it didn’t recognize any of the tracks so I had to enter all the information manually so that I could find things again after recording the MP3s. So I decided to challenge myself to remember the names of all the songs by only listening to them. It was more challenging than I was hoping (well, I should have imagined that, as I learned a long time ago that I can’t trust my memory for anything). I got about 15 out of the 19 without help. These were the ones I couldn’t remember the name:

* The Lifting
* Find the River
* At My Most Beautiful

And the only one I was really sad I couldn’t remember:

* Pop Song 89

Oh, well… I probably wouldn’t have remembered “So. Central Rain” if they hadn’t announced the song name before they started playing it.

Now I should be working on performance reviews, but I’ve lost inspiration after about 15 minutes of it. Inspiration-hunting is time consuming.

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