People with some time in their hands – great!

So I was randomly watching an episode of Wine Library TV and Gary Vaynerchuk had a visitor that owned Freezer Burns. What is this site? Well, it is a video blog of some person, Gregory Ng, trying frozen meals and providing his review on them. Have you ever seen a wine tasting video (especially from very excited people, like Gary Vaynerchuk)? Well, think of the same thing being applied to frozen food. He even sniffs the food and tries to explain what he is smelling.

All and all, I think it’s awesome that somebody is putting the time and providing real information about things for people freely. The frozen food world is much smaller and slower-moving than the wine world, so we probably won’t see much competition coming in this line of work. Also, I’m not sure how long he can sustain this show. He is already at episode 54 with only a few months of work. So maybe I should visit the frozen food aisle more often and realize how diverse and changing it is.

I wished more people did things like this. I actually thought of doing a series of side-by-side comparisons of products. Probably I would never make a video blog about it because I’m not very good at talking to people, but I always thought that being able to compare things side-by-side is the best way of deciding what is better for your application. What review places like Consumer Reports is missing is the details of what their rates actually mean. Also, their bandwidth is quite limited and they try to cover a lot of different types of products. In the end, they are always behind on the latest versions of things (especially consumer electronics that change very quickly), so by not knowing what they actually think is important, you can’t extrapolate their ratings to the newer models.

Other review places, like Amazon, provide reviews that vary too much on completeness and objectivity. Yes, everything is subjective, but if you don’t know what a same person thinks about their experience in all the products you are considering buying, it’s hard to make a very well informed decision.

So, go Gregory Ng!

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