Another concert evening…

It’s interesting that most times that I come back from a Seattle Symphony concert I get kind of introspective, thinking about life and what my priorities are. But what worries me the most is not that this happens on my way back home and when I try to sleep, but that it happens during the concert and I completely space out. It’s like I’ve lost the ability to keep enough of an attention span to watch a concert! Shouldn’t surprise me, as “modern life” is just like that: you need to keep busy because there are too many things to do, too many things to learn. But is this that life we should be living?

Well, I won’t try to answer this question here. It’s probably not a question that can be easily answered. There are lots of factors involved, like the cost of success and the benefit of it. It goes back to the fact that most of the cheap hotel/motel business in the US is owned by Indians, Mexicans and Middle Easterns. It’s hard work and they can do it, so they take the business. It’s that simple. So if you want quality of life you automatically close some of your options in life.

Maybe having less options is good, though. Completely changing subjects here, I decided some time ago to move around on RSS readers (My last post on the subject) and moved away from online readers to using RSSOwl. There are some interesting features about it and I was starting not to miss being able to read the same stream anywhere I was until today when it decided to do a database cleanup and… Lost most of my feeds for some reason. And now I have to subscribe to everything again! I guess I’m going back to online readers. At least their bugs are less destructive (at least as far as I know). If I had less options at least I would spend less time adapting to a new reader and moving all my feeds from one reader to another (well, this time I don’t have to as I’ve lost 90% of them).

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