Magic Berry tasting and everything else is just that – everything else

So today I was able to participate on an interesting event: Magic Berry Tasting (also known as Miracle Fruit). It’s a little berry that basically turn all acidic things sweet. So you can eat a lemon and it tastes like an orange. Very interesting experience. Not life-changing, but interesting nevertheless. In my opinion, the weirdest things that I’ve tried were:

  • Lemon: as I’ve mentioned, it tastes like orange
  • Guiness (yes the beer): it loses all its sour components and has some hints of chocolate and coffee.

As I said, in general it wasn’t life-changing. Most things just tasted more ripe, sweeter and without the normal after-tastes. Quite worth the experience, though.

And now I have to get back to life. I’ve been having problems finishing a project at work. I have most things done, I just don’t seem to like the way I did them, so I’m slowly rewriting everything instead of just walking away. And this has been driving me crazy. And this week is quite busy with a lot of evening events, which always makes it harder.

Oh, and I received a curious link today that I’m still not sure what to do about it. It’s about a set of challenges launched by one of the most important molecular gastronomy blogs, Khymos: TGRWT (They Go Really Well Together). Somebody comes up with two odd ingredients and people have to suggest recipes that bring those ingredients together. This month’s challenge is Malt & Soy Sauce, which is a very curious combination.

The month is almost over, so I won’t try to do anything about it. I’ll wait until next month and consider it. Probably I should start challenging my culinary abilities more often. Prove to myself once more tha I don’t really know how to cook. I just know how to fake well. 🙂

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