And music

Lots of very stressful things are going on right now. But that’s not what I want to write about today. I’m about to do what psychologists say you shouldn’t do: write about what is good and not what is bad. Writing what is bad makes you understand it better and find ways out of it. Writing what is good just helps banalizing it and then it’s not as good any more. But, well, even after all this understanding, I’ll still do it. I don’t want to make any of my readers decide to remove my blog from their trial list.

So I’ve joined a choir again. It’s a Jewish choir, so no more large amounts of church songs to sing. Not that I’m against singing good choral music. What I’m against is people deliberately choosing Christian church music because that’s what they are more comfortable with and never really branching out to anything else equally interesting, and less sung.

Back to the current choir: it’s been an interesting ride. In many ways it reminds me of one Jewish choir I was part of in Brazil. It started out with something like 50 people. Now, a little over a month after the first rehearsal, it’s already down to something like 35 people. Out of these, maybe 15 actually know how to sing, while the rest are in a varying grade of followers. I think the choir experience should be fun, so, as long as the conductor doesn’t feel like we don’t really need to learn things to perform, we are still good.

Our first concert is tonight, actually. At Bellevue Square Mall. Yes, a shopping mall! That is doing a special “holidays” celebration and decided to invite us even though we haven’t been around for very long. It will likely still work out, but it won’t be exciting enough for me to advertise it out for my friends for them to check it out. We’ll be singing something like 7 pieces for about 15 minutes total. So, it’s not that worth people’s time yet. Parking at a mall at this time of the year is torture. Listening to a choir that hasn’t been rehearsing for very long is not much of a relief.

But I’m enjoying it. It’s doing something that I was not expecting: It’s making me appreciate music again. I’ve been going through a phase where my mind can’t abstract itself any more to appreciate music the same way I did before. I stopped being able to compose (although I was not never very good at it anyway – so it might have been a good thing) and even just sit in my corner in my office and listen to things like Beethoven’s late string quartets. But it’s all coming back to me now! I find myself spending time just playing intervals, short melodies and quick harmony exercises on my keyboard almost every day now. Odd that it’s not a place to leave stuff on any more.

I guess that’s it. If you didn’t come here to read about me rambling about my life, I’ll leave you with something funny:


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