Oh, life and news readers

I’ve been finding hard lately to find something to blog about. It’s part shame, part confusion and part simply lack of time to consider anything. But I’m here and still alive. I feel like the world is a confusion right now. The stock market is maddening, and even vitamins that people thought were good for you, don’t seem to be. Actually, after reading In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, you learn to question everything that science is saying about nutrition.

Also, I’ve been disappointed with Google Reader. I don’t like the fact that Google tracks all the links I click on it and, in general, I thought the UI is a little sluggish sometimes. So I moved back to Bloglines, which I found confusing because it just marks everything as read before I scroll through all the feeds. But they have a Beta interface that looks very much like Google Reader. I’ve used it for some time but realized it seemed not to work for some feeds sometimes. But the most annoying thing is that it had no “refresh this feed” button, so if I was reading one feed and when I finished going through it there were more articles, I’d have to navigate out and back in to read them.

That’s when I decided to move onto something new and started trying what seemed to be number 3 for news readers (actually this is probably quite skewed, but it’s interesting to see Outlook showing as number 1 biggest news reader somewhere – maybe it has a bigger refresh rate?): NewsGator. It’s not as AJAX-y as the previous two. It paginates the feeds, so that you have to keep pressing “Mark All Posts On This Page As Read” to move on, but it’s snappy, has no link tracking and it mostly works. The only annoyances that I’ve found so far is that the list of feeds on the left with counts of unread items sometimes doesn’t get updated and you have to click on “Refresh feed list”. But at least you don’t have to navigate in and out of things.

Well, I guess that’s it. Time to start my day!

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