Still here

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. I have multiple posts in draft right now and I can’t seem to be able to finish them. So I’ll keep this simple.

I’m back to Seattle after a short-ish trip to Brazil for my sister’s wedding. The trip was generally good. The only thing I was a little sad about this trip is that the schedule was quite tight and it’s not that I didn’t have free time to meet with friends, it’s that I didn’t know when I would have free time to meet with them. The result of that is that I’ve ended up not doing much besides the wedding events. Oh, well. I kept my mind away from work (something that was helped by my blackberry not wanting to sync with my mail) and it’s always good to get back with a fresher perspective on things.

Since I’m back I can’t say I’ve done too much. I was exhausted on Thursday, went to work on Friday to find Amy sick at home. I’ve played some Fallout 3 until I realized it was going to consume my next few weeks so I’ve been controlling myself. And it also crashed on me twice.

Today we tried to get out of the house a little, going to Lunchbox Laboratory (a quite expensive burger place with somehow different burgers – quite good) and the Ballard Market to walk around a little under the rain (it started raining while we were walking at the market). And now I’m here finishing this post and preparing myself to get back to cleaning my room and finishing folding laundry and ironing my shirts. Lots of fun ahead!

Oh, and I am annoyed that the connector to the suction cup on my GPS broke and it will cost US$50 to get a new one. Considering that a new GPS (with the suction cup) costs $200, it’s silly that this is this expensive.

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