Starting again… but so many things to do

So the whole Jewish New Year event is over. It’s actually my favorite Jewish Holiday actually mostly because I like reasons to stop and reflect on what happened with the past and plan the future. It’s actually an interesting time to plan the future as in a week I’ll be “celebrating” 4 years working at Amazon. And I like to think of things in 4 year cycles.

So, what is my plan for the next 4 years, you ask… But I won’t answer it here. I’ll have to say that I don’t really have a real plan yet. Economic situations are being an influence on the lack of a real plan, as well as the many things I have to think right now. First, and foremost, my imminent trip to Brazil in less than a week. With all the things happening right now, I didn’t have much time to think about what I need for this trip. I haven’t bought any presents, only a few of the requests that I’ve collected… I’m pretty much utterly unprepared this time.

It’s going to be a short trip. Only two weeks out, meaning only 12 days in Brazil with the couple of days lost in transit. Technically two weddings to go (same people, but first in the civil wedding and then the religious wedding), plus a big party. That leaves only about 8 days left that I can do something about. And with my lack of thought to plan anything, I think I’ll end up not doing much. We’ll see.

What else is going on? Many other things, but I won’t bore anybody with details. Some parts of work (when I’m not out for high holidays) have been interesting. I could claim that in the last week I’ve made Amazon something like 60 cents! So exciting! I should ask for a pay raise! 🙂

And I think that’s what I have to say. Back to seeing how odd things happen when you have way too much visibility on what people are doing, even when they shouldn’t be doing much. Wouldn’t it be funny if Michael Arrington is right and “the video video will always be associated with the end of Web 2.0”. Not that I believe it’s true, but humorous nevertheless.

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