An evening of working from home + Spore

So I decided to leave work earlier today to concentrate on working on a new idea. The last times that I’ve tried to do that I ended up getting sidetracked and not really doing what I was planning on doing. And you might think that this time the same thing happened because of the title, huh? Oh, well, not really. I did get some work done. Not enough to prove if my idea would work, unfortunately. I was interrupted by the reality of working with HTML parsing: not all parsers can parse all pages. Oh, well…

But it’s actually somehow funny to do it, because you realize how “unprofessional” some sites really are behind the scenes. I’m not going to cite names here, but here are some pieces of HTML that I found around:

<!–modified by sakthi for req no: 104293 –>

<!–Code added for Task1 .3 start–>


Anyway, so why did I mention Spore? Because I actually did download it and try it out. It’s not a bad game. Has a huge potential for just consuming all your free time, so if you want to give it a try, keep it in mind. The graphics are pretty nice, especially underwater. When I moved to the ground form, the graphics weren’t as nice, but the amount of variations you can put on your creature was quite neat.

In any way, I had fun!

Quite odd how different the evening can be when I get home before 7 pm.

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