Sometimes they are hard to believe

Sometimes you are browsing through news items and you come across something that just doesn’t make too much sense. Today, it was this article on the Daily Telegraph:

Sexual harassment okay as it ensures humans breed, Russian judge rules

I can see that in some cases it’s hard to do something about these sexual harassment cases, mostly because the threshold of what defines a sexual harassment is always a little fuzzy and it’s hard to find good evidence. I think that’s the case here, but the newspapers took it in a completely different way: that it’s a good thing to have. Oh, I’m not trying to say that hitting on a co-worker is a good thing. It actually creates a very bad working environment and that’s usually the last thing you want if you want to ensure people are happy and productive.

What I’m trying to point out here is that the way this news was written, it looks like the judge was just oldfashioned and wrong. Although judges make mistakes, it feels like there is a part of the story that is missing here.

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