The oddities of seeing past snapshots of the world

Actually the title of this post is a little misleading. I’m really talking about looking at the US stock market. I’m not a big investor at all, so I don’t keep track of what is going on throughout the day. However, I’m subscribed to MarketWatch‘s bulletin and when I get home I read all the “spam” that I receive from them. It’s quite amusing just to look at the headlines. Here is an example for today:

7/15/2008 9:52:14 AM – Dow industrials down triple digits; AIG, B. of A., J.P. Morgan biggest decliners
7/15/2008 11:14:22 AM – Crude oil slides more than $8 to trade below $140 a barrel
7/15/2008 12:33:12 PM – Nasdaq and Dow erase steep declines, turning modestly positive
7/15/2008 3:00:00 PM – Crude oil loses nearly $7 in biggest one-day drop in 17 years
7/15/2008 4:03:29 PM – Dow industrials drop nearly 100 points, with AIG, B. of A. pacing slide

What a roller coaster! And It’s been like this almost every day for many weeks now. I don’t know how people that actually get their sustenance out of this can keep their sanity!

Yes, I do have money in the stock market. Mostly funds, many through a retirement account. It’s kind of depressing to see how their are doing right now. They are not doing terribly, but pretty much everything is in the red compared to some months ago. So I don’t look. I’m not planning on needing the money any time soon.

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