I love to waste time

Today’s time waste is brought you by:

Flock, a Firefox modification that tries to integrate social networking on your browser. It’s an interesting concept, but things don’t seem to work as well as they should. For example, I set my Twitter account, but it didn’t seem to be able to show anything yet. It also doesn’t have FriendFeed, which is probably my favorite “life feed manager” right now.

Shelfari. I think I talked about this one in the past. And I mentioned that I was trying to move away from it because it was too slow… Well, I didn’t and realized that it’s probably the best one out there. I thought of moving onto Library Thing because of the integration with FriendFeed, but after I’ve entered “The Amber Spyglass” and it said that there were no other members that had read it, I got a little frustrated. Now that I look at it again, there are members that had read it. A lot of them! So I guess I’m back to my indecision, and more time wasted. Thanks!

Wigix. This is way less than the others. I’m still a little puzzled about this website. I can’t seem to grasp how to really make it work on the sales/exchanges side. Yes, it has product information and some sellers trying to sell things, but the dynamics of buying and saying that you would sell yours for a specific price are still a little odd to me.

Well, and now I can add this blog post to the mix. Let me get out of here and start my day.

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