From Hawaii

Here I am in Hawaii posting a short message from my BlackBerry… Not that much to write about yet. Hawaii doesn’t seem as impressive as I was expecting. I’m at Waikiki Beach in Oahu and it just feels like a small but well developed beach city. Things are not so clean, people are not very educated, but the scenery is nice if you are looking the right way.

Anyway posting from a BlackBerry is annoying, so I’ll just go and enjoy the nightlife, which really somehow exists here!

One thought on “From Hawaii

  1. Yeah, it’s true. . .Although, it all really depends on what you’re looking for as well. Waikiki isn’t the best place for some people. You can try a few place in chinatown or in Ala Moana area. is a site I normally go to for the Whats Up on everything. Also, has SOME good info on occasion. (310) 439-8750


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