Random links for the day

I’ve spent some time trying to think of a theme for this post, but couldn’t find any. I was just reading news around and came across the following articles that were quite odd in some ways:

The Miracle Fruit, a Tease for the Taste Buds: Interesting and well-known fruit from West Africa that makes acidic things taste sweet. It certainly changes the taste of a lot of things. I’m now very curious to check it out…

A tragedy: New Challenge for Space Station Crew – A Broken Toilet. This reminds me of some research I saw a long time ago on rapid prototyping. they claimed it’s the only possible solution to longer-term space travel, because you never know what is going to break, so you can’t keep spare parts for everything. Thus, they need some technology to just build the part you need. The only problem of the technology last I saw it was materials. The only reasonable materials they were able to use for rapid prototyping was a type of paper and a type of waxy glue. None of them are very good for things that are supposed to be used in real-life. Oh, well… At least the space station is not that far, so people can send things over to them.

Finally, it seems like everybody is behind multi-touch:

Windows 7 will be multi-touch capable: I don’t trust Windows any more, so I’m not really concerned.

OLPC XO-2 to include multitouch and possibly haptic screen from PixelQi: This is actually pretty cool if it’s not vaporware. Have to remember to keep an eye for this one. Much more interesting than the recording pen!

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