HTML escaping bugs

Yes, I know I mentioned that this was going to be a personal blog only. But this is actually something I consider personal: my own annoyances about things, including technology. So here we go (it’s actually funny):

I thought that I had already posted this, but couldn’t find it anywhere. So I’ll assume it’s one of the eternal drafts that should be around somewhere.

If you go to Google Reader and you have a feed that has some HTML-escapable character, and then you try to edit the name of the feed, you get some very interesting effects. I found this out because when Google Reader imports the feed name, it escapes it, even when the name is html-friendly and already escaped. Here is an example, I decided to import “NYT > Home Page” feed. When I imported it, This is what I’ve seen on my feeds:

“NYT > Home Page”

Then when I click on “rename…” I see:

“NYT > Home Page”

If I just click “save” and don’t do anything else, I get exactly what was in the edit box. Then I click on “rename…” again and, as expected, I see:

“NYT &gt Home Page”

Hilarious! And what is more hilarious is that I need to double escape my text so that you can see the problem. How I love HTML! NOT!

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