Me and my blogging hiatus

From time to time it seems like I can’t finish a post. I start accumulating drafts, but can never finish them. Now it seems one more of those times. So I’ll try to keep this one short, hoping that I’ll finish it.

First on life status: I’ve been thirty for a week now, and I can still feel that my back is starting to hurt more, my hair is getting whiter, I’m getting crankier… Yes, I’m getting old.

Yesterday Amy and I went to see Cirque du Soleil – Corteo. It was not an inexpensive way of spending Thursday evening, but it was quite impressive. They certainly do a good show. It’s funny that they try to have a storyline and… well, it’s just a way frame the show and doesn’t really define it. Kind of a strange way of using a theme.

This weekend there is the Seattle Cheese Festival to go. I went last year and it wasn’t that interesting, but I got to try a couple of nice cheeses. And it takes me to the Pike Place market, which is never a bad thing. I’ve been there twice in the last month already with all the visitors I’ve been getting here.

Oh, yes, I probably never blogged about my visitors, huh? Well, it all started with my aunt coming here to visit me and staying for 5 days. Then, last weekend, as a surprise birthday gift for me, two of my best friends came to visit and spend the weekend here (with wife and 8 1/2-month old daughter). It’s always great to receive visitors, even without much planning ahead of time.

Alright, I should stop here or else I’ll end up leaving this in my drafts again and never sending it out.

I’ve decided that this blog will be focused on personal stuff from now on. I’ll create a new blog for non-personal stuff. Will let people know when it’s ready.

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