So I just got an invite today to check out viewzi a search aggregator with a very strong visualization focus. I haven’t had that much time to use it so far, but it seems neat. It would be interesting to see, as it grows, how much it will focus on being a framework for search visualization, start taking feedback from users (like, I want this page and everything related to it to be grouped, or removed from the results or things like that) and aggregate past user behavior to the results (which can be pretty cool).

A good introduction to what they have right now is available on their site as a video (just click on “Watch the video” on their main page). Not everything on their video is available for me right now, which shows that they are still investigating more sources and way to visualize those sources.

I should right now give some examples of queries and what I thought about the results and whether I would prefer to use it instead of normal search engines. However, I’m not going to do that just now. I don’t really have anything exciting I want to research, so I’ll wait until I do. Yes, I know that this might mean multiple months might pass before I get around to doing it, but I still think I would be more comfortable waiting to play around with it a little before writing a real review on the service.

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