Being followed

Being on twitter is quite interesting. I’m still far from using it for anything useful, and I’m glad of that (I’ve heard of way too many people that were concerned that they were actually addicted to it and were spending way too much time trying to keep up with what his “followees” were saying). But, little by little, odd things appear. Today, I was just added to the following list of ACLU of Washington. Very odd… I think Twitter is a good example of civil liberties… 🙂

For the rest, I’m just a little annoyed lately that I haven’t been feeling that I’m doing anything really interesting. I’ve spent some time reading the Fortress spec and being quite impressed by it, but I’m not sure it’s anything really related to any of my current possible interests.

I’ve been paying my taxes (another painful year – apparently I’ve made some money buying and selling stocks last year), and reading things around. But I just can’t seen to find something that really makes me excited when I wake up in the morning. Probably it’s nothing related to anything at work or even anything about the state of technology during economic recession periods, it’s something deeper and way more complicated.

One thought on “Being followed

  1. thanks to you, i’ve been testing twitter too. it is an interesting combination of instant messaging and blogging. the asynchronous aspect, both temporal and social commitment-wise, seems to be huge part of the attraction.


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