Flashbacks of Amapedia

This weekend I had some flashbacks about my time adding content to Amapedia… I was playing around with Twine and seeing if I could organize things using a combo of Twine and Freebase, so I was creating Twines and then trying to add links to freebase from there.

It was a good thought, but it didn’t quite work. Freebase cannot be accessed without login, so Twine wasn’t able to correctly generate previews. Also, Freebase’s URLs are a little worrisome. Things like:


Not easy to see what you are pointing to. So I gave up on this and will change my playing attention to Twine’s RDF and Freebase APIs. Let’s see what I can use from those.

So sad it’s Monday already. Another busy week ahead.

3 thoughts on “Flashbacks of Amapedia

  1. Michel – I’m interested in making your Freebase/twine experiment work. You don’t need a login to read information from Freebase, just to edit. Are you trying to do some sort of edit integration?


  2. Hi Robert,My interest on the Freebase/twine experiment is first to enable the connection of actual facts that Freebase can represent very well, with other less “static” things that twine tries to organize, like discussions and theme development. Using twine for discovery and Freebase for fact gathering.Thanks for pointing out my misunderstanding of the Freebase connection. I had only looked at the small preview that twine provides and it looked like it was pointing to some sort of login page. Now I’ve seen (by navigating to it when not logged into Freebase) that I was seeing it wrong. Quite exciting that I can continue on my experimentations.Edit integration is not something that was part of my plans just yet. I was more interested first on seeing if connections could be made and then combine twine RDF with Freebase APIs to build an enhanced discovery experience. Won’t get into many more details, simply because I don’t know them yet. It was just a general thought for now.


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