Initial reactions to R.E.M.’s new album, Accelerate

So, yes, of course I now have R.E.M.’s new album, Accelerate. I can’t say I had much time to listen to it yet, but it’s quite interesting. They seemed to have decided to get back to the way they were in the older times. Or a mix of all of it. You probably can list each song and tie to a different album they remind me of. Like “Living Well Is The Best Revenge” reminds me of “Monster”. “Supernatural Superserious” reminds me of newer stuff, like “Around the Sun”. “Accelerate” reminds me of something more like “Life’s Rich Pageant”… And so it goes…

It’s a short album, with most songs under 3 minutes.

I wished I had more to say about it. I’ll leave you with a good article on Time magazine about this album that I read last weekend and made me excited about it: R.E.M.: Finding Their Religion

I’m happy!

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