So, yes, I’m back from Vegas. It was quite a good trip. I met some very interesting people, had fun with them talking, playing games, and just hanging out. Vegas was mostly just a backdrop to the people, providing us with things to, ways of staying up until very late.

So, what I thought about Vegas? It’s flat, with mountains on the backdrop. It’s dry and sunny, quite a pleasant weather except that my lips are all chapped. I forgot about these oddities about dry weather. It’s bright and full of drunk people walking around and being “happy”. The only depressed-looking people are the ones playing on the slot machines. Made me not even want to give it a try.

Ah, and staying off the strip reminded me a lot with living in Oklahoma: large city blocks full of strip malls with large chain stores… Everywhere! We even ate at some, like Sonic and Marie Callender’s. I can’t say I’m very proud of that, but, as I said, it was all about the people.

Alright, I thought I was going to have more time than this to write, but I guess I have to go now. Not much more to say about the trip. Maybe more to talk about the people on the trip, but I’ll leave this to some other time. I’m not sure I have enough data points yet for a full description. But I did find at least someone with a twitter account! With cryptic sports-related messages, which made me not try to follow him.

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