Twitter Day

It’s funny how things sometimes happen all at the same time. This morning, for no particular reason, I went back to look at twitter and see if there was anybody I knew there… Nope… I had looked at twitter some time ago when I heard mentioned probably on TWiT (actually I remembered that it took me some time, for some reason, to figure out how to spell it correctly).

Then, on my way to work, I was listening to TWiT and they had a whole section on how twitter is huge among the Tech reviewer people. I didn’t find it too strange, as they always mention twitter on their shows.

Later, when I was going for lunch, I heard somebody mention that somebody else said something on twitter. At this point I was already finding it very suspicious. Then, finally, on the bus coming home, a couple sits behind me and the guy turns to the girl and asks: “Do you know what twitter is?”

With all this, I had to post something on my blog and write my first twitter (saying that I’m writing this post).

So, what do I think of twitter? It’s a very simple concept that, if executed correctly can be fun (thus, addicting), and if not it can be just a huge waste of time. Fun waste of time, but completely non-productive.

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