Under the influence of yellow fever vaccine

So last Friday I took vaccine for yellow fever, in expectation of my trip to Brazil in 3.5 weeks. During the weekend everything was alright but today, now that I had to go back to work for a 5 hour workout meeting, it finally hit me. No fever so far, just a general weakness that is actually a little funny. You feel like you are getting sick, but, at the same time, it’s just different. Great to focus for enough time to write long phrases or discuss things. So, I’ll keep this short.

Lots of things are going on right now. To add to my general not feeling very good, two weeks ago my wrist started hurting. I was working during the weekend at home and probably my keyboard wasn’t set up very well… So my right wrist decided to finally complain with me. I gave it a week before I start to worry about it and it started feeling better. Maybe because it started feeling better I started using it more so at the end of last week is was almost feeling as bad as it did when it all started. No time on Friday to call the doctor, but I finally did it today. The sadly odd thing: I’ll only see him next Monday, which means that who knows… It might be better already when I get to see the doctor. Nobody ever claimed the US health system was any good!

About my trip to Brazil, the one Amy is going too, it’s going to be quite fun, I hope. Lots of things to still organize and gifts to buy, but I’m looking forward to it. Will keep me away from very odd times at work right now. Not bad times, just times of change. Times where it becomes hard to predict people’s reactions to things.

Just to make my wrist feel better, on Sunday evening I went volunteering at Teen Feed. It was interesting to work on a more industrial-like kitchen with 90-second dishwashers (yes, it can do your dishes in 90 seconds!), 4 ovens, plenty of prep-space, plenty of chickens to cook. Fun! No, I wasn’t doing any of the cooking, just helping with some prep work, cleaning and serving food (actually butter for the dinner rolls and filling up the cups of juice, water and milk). Sometimes it’s just good to feel like you are helping.

Last night we had snow (again!). Not all around the city, but we did get a couple of inches around here. Enough to have to be careful walking around this morning. Didn’t fall this time, though (I did fall when it snowed last, two weeks ago, just after I hurt my wrist – joy!).

I think it’s time to get away from my computer again and lie down. Working on this computer doesn’t feel that great on my wrists. Oddly, at work I have a much better setup. Larger table, more space to support my wrists by having my arms on the table. That’s the best position that I’ve found so far. Makes me not want to go home.

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