Seeking entertainment by looking at technology failures

Sometimes going to a website and seeing web technology working to make your interaction pleasant is interesting. But more and more I’ve been enjoying myself looking at when things fail. Today’s example is an old one: Google News.

Google tries to do the almost impossible: match news so that you can look at one single headline and then follow the details on many different news sources. It works well on a number of cases, like when all the news sources get the information from the same place. However, on less-covered areas, it has always tried to match stories that have very little in common. Unfortunately links are hard to provide, as all stories are kind of dynamic, but I’ll give a hint: look at Science and Technology. As I’m looking right now, here are some things I see:

Headline: This year in technology
Link 1: Mountain of discarded mobiles grows at ‘frightening’ rate
Link 2: Record mobile phone spending in 2007

Interesting connection there, huh? Here is another one:

Headline: IPhone Sales: 5 Million Down, 5 Million to Go?
Link 1: Apple’s Jobs May Surprise With Slim Mac, New IPhone (Update1)
Link 2: Firms settle annuity

It’s interesting that’s a technology that was in “Beta” for many years. Now it’s not in Beta any more, but seems to have still exactly the same problems. Maybe people just don’t care enough. As long as it still makes people click on their ads, it’s valid. I’ve actually learned that sometimes having a bad experience in your “local” system makes people click on ads more often. Maybe people just want to find an excuse to run away from your site into something potentially better.

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