My life

It’s been some time I haven’t written too much about how my life is going, huh? Well, I still won’t write much here, but everything is moving alright. It’s always easy to find things to be stressed about; things to be annoyed about; and not necessarily that easy to find things to be excited about. But I’ll try to focus on the excitement (although people say that writing down what you are excited about is actually bad for you):

– It’s winter here, so it’s fun!
– Trips, trips and more trips ahead.
– No more activity on my credit, so it means that whoever stole a piece of my identity didn’t do much with it (besides spending $18)
– It’s 1 AM and I’m still awake!
– I’ve been reading a lot of interesting books! More on them some other time.

Yes, I do have a life. It might be isolated from many people, but it’s still moving forward. And now I should go and… have dinner.

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