Some interesting stories

Again, I don’t have much to talk about. I’ve been annoyed most of the morning by crashing eclipse, so I decided to read some articles. Every time I do that, I find interesting things. So I decided to keep the interesting stories for myself and post some that might not be as interesting, but will hopefully prove to be valuable for your day:

Yellowstone is rising – Gives me a complete new perspective on what was happening under me when I was there.

DBpedia – Yes, not really an article, just something I wished worked better than it actually does. the “promise” of combining OpenCyc and Wikipedia (and some other data sources) with semi-well-structured data is exciting. I just don’t think the data is there. You can query for information about the Eifel Tower, but when you query simple things like the list of all universities in Brazil, you get something like 25 hits. There are way more than that

Moving on… I’ve tried to write my thoughts about OpenSocial, but it’s quite hard to write something with such an abstract API. I think that it will just turn quickly into a mess when social network websites start to actually expose their data and people will realize how different the data from each website is and how hard it will be to actually write any code that will take advantage of that and will be portable across sites. But we’ll see. I don’t plan to be a widget builder. I’m actually always annoyed by UI building when I have to do it…

Just to finish with something to keep people busy, one of the most interesting “blog posts” I read every week is Talis’s Week in Semantic Web collection of links. It’s interesting what they find and collect there. Worth visiting (if you care about it).

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