Audio: what is enough?

Yes, I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. It’s not because I haven’t had ideas to blog about, just that I think I haven’t had many interesting conclusions of my ideas. So, what do you do when you don’t really think you know you have something interesting to blog? You post links! So here is my link for today (I was planning on sanding more links, but I’ll keep it simple for now):

Is really expensive audio equipment worth the price? Very interesting article triggered by an amazing new speaker cable that was priced at US$7250.00!

This also reminds me of hearing that there are some interesting developments in the music industry lately, with some bands deciding to break away from normal music industry and provide their albums online for whatever price you want to pay. Interesting concept, but I’m not sure it’s big enough yet to shake the industry in any way.

Where do I think the music industry is going? Nowhere… I continue thinking that we will have the classic competing forces: to one side the bands that are usually not very good being sponsored by a lot of money and selling a lot just because of exposure, and smaller bands that are bennefitting from the lower cost in producing albums and have a wide range of quality. Some very good things, but most of the time they are buried in the noise of bands that probably just had way too much free time in their hands.

Diversity is great, but it can be claimed that if you lower the bar you will just increase the amount of noise you get. Decrease the proportion of good music to bad music that is recorded.

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