Back from Yellowstone

So I’m back. Today was a day of fruitful discussions (or at least I like to fool myself thinking that they were fruitful) and catching up with what happened in the days I was out. Also, I’ve started to organize my pictures from the trip… About 900 pictures… It’s going to be a long process to clean up everything and then upload it somewhere for people to access it.

But enough about today (or maybe yesterday). Some words about the trip itself: it was fantastic! Grand Teton and Yellowstone are amazing places. All the free-roaming animals, the strange rocks, breathtaking waterfalls, and scary hydrothermal features makes it a unique place. Something people have to visit to understand.

Weather was alright. It was the end of the season and the time that weather becomes a little bit less predictable. So we almost got snow every day, except for Friday and Sunday (which was our most active walking around day and the best weather overall). Between Monday and Tuesday it snowed about an inch. This made us a little scared as we had to drive back through passes to Idaho Falls to catch our flight.

Everything ended up working fine. There was no snow on the roads and we arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight. Enough for us to… do nothing for a long time. I’ve read some of my book, some articles through my blackberry (trying hard not to read emails), and, soon enough, we were back home.

Now it’s getting late and I should really go to bed. Just because I slept a lot during my vacations (there isn’t much to do there when it’s dark outside), I shouldn’t just decide on compensating by not sleeping for the next few days…

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