What do you need to be intelligent?

There was an interesting post at Cognitive Daily today (well, technically yesterday):

Does an artificial intelligence require a body?

Certainly the authors and the readers courageous enough to leave a comment don’t quite agree with this assertion (well, at least most of them). I don’t agree myself, but with a small exception: I believe that the only way you can have something to be intelligent is if it can interact with the environment. In other words, you can’t make something that is intelligent by just making it consume monstrous amounts of data (e.g., Google’s amazing search index will never be intelligent). Intelligence comes from the feedback to the data itself, to its ability to organize and predict data based on organization. You can’t correctly predict if you don’t have some sort of control over the things you are predicting.

Well, at least that’s what I believe. I’m certainly not as “educated” in the subject as the people that read the Cognitive Daily blog, but, as most software developers, I’ve tried my “luck” in AI-like things and you learn…

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