Silly things that keep me up

Sometimes there are some silly things out there that keep me up until late at night. Last night this was my reason:

Extremely addictive! The data is a little problematic in some classic areas like units of measure (are implied from the relationship type, but not explicit anywhere) and uneven structuring (contains things like “factbook:publicdebt ‘50% of GDP'” or sometimes some comma-separated values to deal with lists of things, instead of having multiple relationships)

But you can query for things like: give me the countries that have a life expectancy greater than 65 years and does not produce any oil:

?x a factbook:Country .
?x factbook:lifeexpectancyatbirth_totalpopulation ?life .
?x factbook:countryname_conventionalshortform ?name .
?x factbook:oil_production ?oil .
FILTER ( ?oil = 0 && ?life >= 65 )

(I first tried the neighboring countries of these countries, but got some exception of missing table… odd)

And here is where this link came from: Open Data: Information wants to be linked

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