A month of half-finished posts

I guess I gave up on trying to write long and interesting posts. I have tried at least a half dozen of them, from search engines (reaction to this sort-of interesting article on ComputerWorld), to contextual ontologies, to photography (I’ve been trying Aperture and Lightroom – I do prefer Aperture simply because I’m much more interested in photo organization than adjustments), to responsibility. But I never finished any of them, so I decided to just write about what is going on with my life lately.

I’ve been busy – busy and planning on being busier in the next few months. I have something like 5 trips planned from now to early October. The most interesting of them is the one at the end of September: Yellowstone. I always wanted to go there, and now I’ll finally make it there (I hope – air and hotels are already booked). It’s exciting.

Work has been a little on the chaotic side. Maybe because I’m getting a little tired, maybe it’s just because there are launch dates around and lots of projects coming down the pipeline. Many exciting things, many scary open problems. Coming from a research background I’m always attracted to the open problems – attracted and full of ideas about what to do and how to do things. But I know deep inside that it’s all going to take a lot of time, a lot of energy, and maybe nothing will really come out of it. So I get psychologically scared away (yes, I didn’t even count the number of projects I’ve started on my computer at home and didn’t get much anywhere).

It’s a little sad sometimes not to be able to follow-through with an idea. You start, get excited about it, spend time to setup the environment to work on it and then that’s where you get. In the end what I see is that I isolate myself from things, and don’t get anything accomplished to compensate this isolation.

Oh, well, that’s how it works. Now it’s time for me to concentrate on something else and, maybe, just maybe, reply to some emails that have been sitting in my inbox for over a month now…

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