I knew I was going to miss a day…

Well, at least I’ll make it less than two days. Here is the current forecast for next Saturday’s weather:

Weather.com: Partly cloudy, high 82°F, low 54°F, chance of precipitation 10%

AccuWeather.com: Partly sunny, High: 74°F Low: 54°F

WeatherBug.com (only partial): Mostly sunny, high 75°F

University of Washington: Not really sure where their forecast comes from, and also I’m not sure how to interpret it, so I’ll paste it in and then think about the interpretation some other time: SATURDAY…MOSTLY SUNNY. HIGHS IN THE MID 70S TO LOWER 80S. && TEMPERATURE / PRECIPITATION PUYALLUP 60 43 70 / 50 40 10 TACOMA 60 42 69 / 50 40 10 SEATTLE 59 48 66 / 50 40 10 BREMERTON 59 42 68 / 50 40 10 EDMONDS 58 47 66 / 50 50 10 EVERETT 57 47 65 / 50 40 10 $$

KiroTV.com (also partial): mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 70s to lower 80s.

KOMO TV (also partial): mostly sunny. High 77°F

I guess that’s it… Now writing this takes a lot of extra time, but I’ll keep trying. One difference now is that there is no rain forecast on any of them. There was no rain forecast for today but I woke up and it’s raining…

Anyway, yesterday was a busy day. I even got a phone call from a friend that I haven’t talked to in a LONG time. But I missed the call! I’ll try to call him later today, and will write about it some other time (some odd coincidences that I’ve decided to discuss when I know more details).

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