So many ideas, so little time…

Lately I have been suffering from the old idea burst. I’m trying to write down all the ideas and all the things I have to do for each of the ideas, but I feel bad that I never get to actually execute any of them. My ideas don’t come from a vacuum – it’s worse, they compound on projects that had not yet been finished.

For example, I’m working on a metadata vision document. As I start to work on it, I decide that I need some examples of what I’m saying, so I start a project on building a sample ontology with the concepts that I’m trying to outline in the document. Then this weekend I look at what I’m doing and decide that this won’t be enough. I need an application that makes use of all this structured (or not-so-structured — and that’s part of the document) information and does something fun, like organizing your purchases, or helping on researching for products. And there I went…

Another thing that is going on is that one paper that I’ve sent to a journal only now came back (about 1.5 years after sending) with some requests for changes. So I went through the paper and found out that some references are clearly outdated and that I need to work on the paper again. So there I went to sketch out the changes that I need…

I’ve also worked a little bit on “low-level” work stuff, like cleaning up things that I needed to clean from a long time ago. A good thing is that at least this I got done this weekend!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say right now. I have something like two posts in Draft now that I can’t seem to be able to finish them. One is a little long-ish, but the other probably is too centered on a couple of experiences I had in the last few weeks and I’m always a little worried on the wording I use when talking about other people.

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