The year of the babies

After having two posts never leave the “draft” stage, here I am trying to write now something “lighter”… Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this one quickly.

So, yesterday I got news that a 6th person within my close circle of friends/co-workers is pregnant! My first reaction was to think that this is normal, because I’m just getting in the age that people tend to start to develop their families, so my friends that should have about the same age as I have are starting to have babies. But this is not really true. Only 3 out of the 6 are actually in the same age range as I am. Some of the others are actually not even on their first kid.

It is so odd… There must be some sort of overarching psychological component to this change. Something about world politics/economics that hinted people that maybe it’s a good time to start spreading. I went around to search for people observing this phenomena with better ideas than me, but I’m still unable to find evidence. Oh, well, maybe not enough people blog about this – maybe I should start.

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