Yes, yes, I’m still alive. With a lot to say, but not much time to say a lot. Life has been quite busy lately mostly with work-related things. Last weekend I spent a whole lot of time doing a procedure to make sure that people can correctly sell Jewelry on Amazon (whatever you want to make out of it). And I still can’t say I have slept enough to compensate.

I’ve been looking around for things I should know that I don’t have many books about. My latest thing was “Categorical Statistics”, so I went and bought two books on it:

Categorical Data Analysis (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics): A book that has a good coverage of the basics about categorical statistics. Seems straight-forward and not too difficult to read.

Bayesian Models for Categorical Data (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics): As all my experience with Bayesian statistics, this book is much denser. Not that easy to read, but also seems quite interesting. I’m still trying to go through it to extract the core of its teachings, but I keep having flashbacks of my Bayesian Decision Theory class that used Box & Tiao’s book. Hard class, quite a good instructor. A little too focused on Linear Models, as the professor had written a book about them, but very good.

Anyway, that’s my life lately. I’ve been trying to do some fun things from time to time too, but most of them have been to play random computer games and getting tired for them after an hour or so. Oh, well…

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