Learning about Kaplan and Geiger

Time is going by and there isn’t much I have to talk about. I’ve been busy doing a lot of random things, like buying stocks a couple of days before the market dropped, working on the garden, having so many meetings in a day that I don’t even have time to have lunch… And life keeps going on.

One thing that I’ve been paying attention to lately is a very interesting lecture I’m listening to: Jewish Intellectual History: 16th to 20th Century. I guess what is interesting me the most is not really the “religious” or sociological side of it, but only that I’m now starting to make sense out of names that were used during some informal conversations with some friends in the past. Suddenly I know what they meant when they were discussing Abraham Geiger or Mordecai Kaplan! It’s interesting how Brazilian Jewry is so different from all this. It’s so much more conservative. Even some synagogues that are considered “Reform” make it the norm for men and women to sit separately and there are no women being part of the service itself. This has been abandoned a long time ago every in the Conservative movement in the US and Europe.

It’s been interesting. Not really life-changing, maybe because I’m not in the right mood for a life-changing decision right now, but definitely I’ve been learning things.

Alright, time to accept that I’m falling asleep on my keyboard right now and go to sleep.

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