Looking for something fulfilling

Lately I have to admit that I have been feeling less and less fulfilled. It’s like I don’t produce anything new, I can’t really interest myself on anything that makes me excited. Here were some trials:

1) Gardening: it’s hard to feel fulfilled gardening still technically during winter
2) Stock trading: after playing around for a while, I just gave up on finding any companies that I think are doing anything exciting (and have shares being sold publicly) and keeping track on non-interesting companies was just boring. They all feel the same to me.
3) Music: I tried to go back to listening and playing some (only keyboard, didn’t have the courage to take out my clarinet yet), but didn’t quite work. It’s been some time that music stopped touching me as much as it used to.
4) Electronics: my never-ending (and never moving-forward) recipe reader project… Quite disappointing to keep figuring out that I need more parts and not having time to go and buy the parts (or having to order in bulk online paying more for shipping than the part itself). I also have my plan for an interactive news visualizer, but that’s way more complicated…
5) Work: I don’t want to talk about work… It was a depressing week.
6) Reading: I’m actually reading a very interesting book right now, Alan Campbell’s Scar Night. But there is a limit on how much I can read every day… And I don’t really feel like I’m accomplishing anything reading.

So today I decided to go back to one of my old hobbies: writing. Apart from not being a good writer, it’s sometimes fun to just let you mind go wild with ideas and then try to put a consistent thread to tie them all. I’m actually trying to get back to one of my most ambitious writing projects (no, not the multi-language book – I can’t write in German any more, I’m afraid). More details about it some other time.

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