It’s superbowl weekend

Yes, it is, but that’s now what I’m going to talk about. There are lots of interesting things happening right now, besides preparations for this money-packed event.

I’ll have to start with my current most forbidden site: Amapedia. I’ve seen this site pretty much from its infancy all the way to launch and… Well… It’s a very interesting concept. There are already some nice things that are coming out of it, especially related to more information about authors that you don’t get on, contents of books and CDs, and not too much incorrect information. But one of the most exciting things, in my opinion, is the ability to do fact-based search, and leverage structured information. I wished I could send a link to it, but it seems only to be available to people that are logged on to the site. There is also one small issue with the structured search: it only works if you add structured information to the articles! Now come the reasons why it’s a forbidden site for me:

1) I know how important structure is for the way the site works and most pages have no structure at all, so I go around and spend time cleaning up the data there. Spending time is not 5-10 minutes here and there, it’s 30-120 minutes here and there!
2) Like wandering around, because I know the way things were supposed to work, bugs just become extremely evident and annoying. I just sent a short list as feedback.

Anyway, I will encourage people to try it out. Have fun, give them feedback and NEVER finish writing an article without entering fact information (in the second page of editing, you have to click on “Next”)

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