Back from Chicago

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to discuss my trip to Chicago, but I can say it was great. Here are the brief highlights:

– Friends… Oh, meeting friends anywhere is always the most important highlight of anything. If any other friends want to come to the US, please let me know! 🙂
Art Institute of Chicago: Amazing impressionist collection!
Charlie Trotter’s: Awesome food… Certainly one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life (and the most expensive too)
Shedd Aquarium: lots of interesting things there, from trained whales and dolphins, and even penguins, to beautiful coral reef “replicas”
Field Museum of Natural History: some very interesting exhibits, but sometimes seeing “stuffed” animals is not as interesting
– The city of Chicago: I think I’ve lived too long away from big cities… It felt good to be able to walk around downtown Chicago and feel like there are lots of things to do everywhere you walk. It felt like a big city.
– Walgreens: I have to add this. It was founded in Chicago, according to Wikipedia, so maybe that explains why there is one every 3-4 blocks. It was just amazing to think how much Chicago citizens like to go to the pharmacy!

Anyway, that’s what I had to report. Now I’m back to normal work. Lots of things to do still and with a lot of events coming up this weekend, including a housewarming party.

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