Another weekend has gone by

Yes, it was one of those weekends when nothing got done. I can’t really say “nothing” but it wasn’t even close to what I had planned. Not too much of my fault, though. On Saturday I went volunteering at a Sand Points Community Housing (now part of Solid Ground). It was not very demanding, because we were diverted to a different project as the snow on the ground prevented us from doing the landscaping that was planned. Then Amy and I went home and played a game of Terakh… 3 hours later I left to have a haircut, buy groceries for dinner (it was quite icy outside, but I survived). Made dinner and the day was over.

Sunday started with a brunch to celebrate some people’s 80th and 70th birthdays. It was quite nice, actually. Got back home and had about 2 hours before chatting with my parents. I turned on my work computer to find almost 900 messages in my inbox! Some system has gone completely bezerk and was sending me 5 messages every 10 minutes. Oh, joy – there I went to figure out what was going on and try to fix it. Result: I was 30 minutes late to my chat with my parents.

Then I went chatting, then dinner and again the day is over! Isn’t it sad?

Well, at least we got some snow here. Last Wednesday it snowed and the snow is still around. It helped a little that we had a little snow on Saturday too and there is a slight chance of snow again on Tuesday. All for me to get ready to go to Chicago next weekend. That is going to be exciting!

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