First it was orkut, not YouTube

Another Brazilian lawsuit, now trying to get YouTube to pay a fine of R$10 million (about US$4 million), and an extra R$250K a day while the video with the model and TV show host Daniella Cicarelli is available on their website. The interesting thing is that now they are trying to turn on the “Great Brazilian Firewall” and block access to YouTube to everybody in Brazil. That is something I want to see happening! [source – in Portuguese, couldn’t find the news in English]

I do think there has to be a mechanism in place to take care of these kinds of things. Surely they were in a public place and the person that recorded they doing “whatever” at the beach in Spain had all the right to record it. But there is a limit where your personal freedom starts to hurt somebody else. In this case, there is no gain to anybody (maybe to some sick people, but I won’t get into this level of details), only career and psychological loss to this “poor woman and her boyfriend”. I know you can’t take it from the internet – once digital, forever somewhere – but you can show that there is a way to get at least some things out from some places. And this is all that matters.

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