I’ve missed this one…

Microsoft and AMD decided to give out free computers loaded with Vista to “famous” bloggers, as reported by ComputerWorld. I think I was left out of this first batch…

Not that I’m really looking forward to having a computer running Vista. I’m actually dreading the fact that now that I maintain a Windows machine, I might be forced into it in a year or so, when software will start to be released that will only work on Vista.

Talking about windows machines, when I renewed my TurboTax I got also the new Quicken. I already had a Quicken for Mac, but the newest version only existed for Windows, so that’s what I’ve received. And I was quite impressed with the amount of extra features that the Windows version has! It actually connects with all my financial organizations and gets all the bills. In the past, I had to go and download the statements manually and it was a big pain. Enough for me to give up this mechanism for keeping my finances up-to-date.

The only problem I had was that it does crash from time to time (it happened twice already in about 2 months) and it was a huge pain to import things from my Mac Quicken to the Windows Quicken. It would have been quicker to start over from scratch.

My conclusion is that software for Windows, when it isn’t something that is especially focused on Mac users, like Photoshop and the likes, does receive much more support and care. The law of numbers in software quality: that’s where the money is, and not on the half a dozen Mac users…

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