So Christmas is over… What is the tally?

It was a major loss to everybody, I fear. Reality set in to some people and it wasn’t nice. Of course I was one of these people. Let’s explain:

1) Yesterday I was tired of staying home and decided to go driving around. Amy and I got into the car and drove down to Gig Harbor, a neat town in the South Puget Sound. We walked around a little, enjoyed the little shops and art galleries but… It was just raining all the time and we couldn’t really enjoy the view (my camera got out of home, but I didn’t take any pictures).

2) Today I was home in the afternoon and wrote a list of things I could do. The day was sunny and my camera was asking me to use it finally, but I didn’t. I went downstairs, to the darkest place in the house and worked on my never-ending recipe reader project. As always, I’ve stopped working with a new list of things to buy in order to continue the work. As it was Christmas, the list was everything I was able to do.

3) Tonight there was a delayed Chanukah party to go. So I decided to open my Brazilian cookbook and see what I was going to do. I decided on empadas, wrote down the ingredients I needed from the grocery store and went there. I arrived at 3 pm and… they closed at 3 pm. I ended up going back home and making pasteis with what I had. Fried things is not my favorite thing.

But I did do some interesting ones:

– Poached pear and gorgonzola cheese
– Caramelized onions, pears and sheep cheese
– (and a two cheese one, just to make something simple)

Not too bad, but…

4) I’ve talked with a good friend of mine yesterday and found out that his wife is pregnant! He was very excited about it, and me too! I just feel sorry for the kid whenever it comes (August?). This friend is just a good spoiler. Where is the loss here? Oh… You should understand.

5) Yesterday I had a terrible headache. In the middle of all the medication I took I didn’t realize that one of the ones I had was not non-drowsy. And I figured this out when I fell asleep watching Sherlock Holmes on the TV and when I tried to stand up after the movie was over I almost fell down. Good that I didn’t take this one while I was driving!

6) And what about the world?

Chaos in the air system in Brazil: there was a series of systems having problems – overbooking and then air control. Exciting times.
– I have to add too all the chaos in Denver. It’s interesting that although it was only one single airport, I have heard of at least 3 people that I personally know that were directly affected by it. Odd… What is there about Colorado?
– I could be like Fox News and repeat that now more Americans died in Iraq than during 9/11. That’s what a war is about anyway…
– Consumer spending this year in the US for holidays rose only about 6.6% comparing to last year’s 8.7%, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal. Yes, I’m to blame for it. I didn’t buy pretty much anything during the holiday season this year. I wanted to buy some things, but I just couldn’t figure out what these things really were (apart from a Wii, but this I can continue to wait until it’s easier to find around).

Enough bad news. Time to get ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow is a working day.

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