So if nobody shows up at least I have fun. It’s what I’ve decided to do lately. It is certainly very common for me to just concentrate on the hundreds of things I have to do and think and just forget what is going around me. Actually, lately I’ve been observing that I haven’t been even reading the news. But I finally realized it and decided to turn it around.

No, it’s not that I’ll start going to all parties I’ve been invited to, watching TV, subscribe to all newspapers, it’s just that I’ll at least try to look around more often. Try to read something and maybe post on my blog about it. Like J.K. Rowling announcing the name of the last of the Harry Potter books, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (yes, even Amazon already has the book and lots of discussions about what the title means)

I have to also mention that there are still people around here with no power! Yes, it’s been officially a week since the great wind storm and there are thousands of people still without power. And now they are even trying to name the storm! Quite amazing!

And just to end the list of links, this is not that interesting, but it goes with my “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” calendar: How to write worse and improve your Spinnish.

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